Best Chicken & Poultry Feed In Dubai | Al Maraai Al Hadeetha


Poultry are domesticated birds that are kept for eggs and meat. Poultry industry provides a lot of money, if high technology is followed in feed.

Importance feeds for Poultry:
  • Using high technology feed increases performance and productivity for poultry.
  • Poultry needs balanced and healthy feed to give high quality of production.
There are three kinds of feed, boiler feed, layer feed and breeder feed.
Boiler chicken should be fed high protein rich by amino acid to ensure rapid growth and provide the suitable weight to boiler chicken to reach the market.

Regarding layer chicken, they are chicken that lay eggs. Their feed shall contain 16 percent protein and more calcium. Breeder chickens are that producing eggs for hatching.

Their feed shall contain extra protein and vitamins that help chicken in hatching.
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